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What Is The Significance of Using Online Marking Software?

The process of marking test papers and later on entering the results onto a spreadsheet can take up a lot of time. Furthermore, trying to exchange paper scripts from one marker to another can be risky, inefficient and cumbersome. However, if the exams being done are available online, it means the questions posed are auto-scorable, so they are automatically marked, submitted and scores availed and, safely stored. The online software makes marking diagrams, video, audio, drawings or essays, easy to manage. On-screen exam marking tools that are advanced help to assign roles to markers, designing automatic flow of work for many markers or compiling a marker’s ladder, meaning that even if the paper is long or it has many markers, the process is still quick, secure and efficient.

There is a need for examining bodies to ensure they keep a high quality marking standard which is consistent as they will also lower the number of papers sent back to them to re-mark or review. On-screen marking or e-marking allows examining bodies to observe markers in the whole marking process and keep a firm control always.

For example, you can send some scripts automatically using some set rules to external or second markers for purposes of quality assurance and also use auto-stop features where markers are not tolerable. Because the workflow is streamlined, there is no possibility of human error while transcribing or calculating results for given candidates. In addition, mark schemas or rubrics can be designed so that there is a set boundary for markers so that there is a limit the danger of assigning the wrong mark value.

Where there are several markers, it is not easy to see to it that all markers are marking in the identical levels. The marking process can be standardized using online assessment systems. By example, to enable you to identify any deviation, you can choose some scripts and give markers to mark them.

Entering results or marking test papers has no level of security because you may not know where the papers have been sent or who is assessing them. Mistakes can be made when entering the results. However using on-screen exam marking, the parameters make sure the people are able to access certain areas in the system, and all their actions are fully audit-trailed.

There are settings that can be used to make sure the markers don’t access the names of the candidates, so there is the maintenance of candidate security and anonymity. Using advanced assessment systems, processing, securing and storing data is hugely emphasized, so the risk of losing data is mitigated. When the scripts are uploaded, they are sent to sent to markers electronically, and in case of a second marker this is done with the touch of a button and not the older method of returning them physically.

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